MDGA Nigerian Sanction Show Form
Send To: Shelley Weber
10613 S 2058 PRSE
Kennewick, WA 99337

 Name of Show:__________________________________________  Date of Show:_______________
Sanction Fee:                                                                                  Sanction Fee:
31 days or more before show date:                                                30 days or less before show day:                      
First sanction= $25.00  Additional sanctions                                 First sanction= $35.00 additional sanctions
listed at same time $15.00                                                                   listed at same time = $20.00                               
Sanctions include Champion and Reserve Ribbons and Certificates
DUAL Sanctions: MDGA will agree to dual sanctioning only if MDGA rules govern the show or the
other registry sanctioning has the same rules, registration standards and restrictions as MDGA

Type of Sanction       Junior Doe       Comb/Sr. Doe        Junior Bucks    Comb/Sr. Bucks
Nigerian Dwarf           __________     ____________        __________       ______________
Total each column    __________      ____________       __________       ______________
Amount Owed     First sanction             $25  _____    other:   x  $15.00 = _______   Total= ________
30 days or less       First sanction             $35 _____   other:  x  $20.00 = _______   Total=_________
Extra Ribbons
Best of Breed                                Number needed: _______   X $5.00    Total=_________
Best Udder of breed                      Number needed: _______   X $5.00    Total=_________
Best Udder in Show                      Number needed: _______   X $5.00    Total=_________
Best in Show                                Number needed: _______   X $5.00     Total=_________

Contact Show Chair:________________________________________________

Address:_________________________________________________ City:_____________________   State:____________ 

Zip:__________ Phone:___________________________ Email:__________________________________

Judge Name (1): ________________________________   Contact: ______________________________

Judge Name (2): ________________________________   Contact: ______________________________

Judge Name (3): ________________________________   Contact: ______________________________
Mark all the sanctions you plan on having at your show. 
You cannot have single and combination for Junior and Senior does of different breeds. If you have single sanctions for Does then all the breeds you plan on having will be single sanction and require Junior and Senior to be checked. If you are offering buck classes, you must apply for a separate sanction. They can be divided according to breed or can be AOM (All Other Minis) where all bucks are judged together.