MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show 
Summer 201

Best in Show - Judge Crystal Eutsler Ring #2


This is our 2015 Summer V Show Mini Buck Best in Show lineup. 
We have a handsome Alpine type buck, he is put together nicely with a nice spring of rib, a nice long dairy neck and true to his breed character.

Then we have a very powerful LaMancha type buck.  He has a wonderful topline, level and strong. 
He has strong legs, with nice rear angulation and good blending between the shoulder, ribs and barrel. 

Then we have a nice balanced Nubian type buck.  He is wide in his chest, has nice straight rear hocks and good rear leg angulation from the side view.  He has a long neck blending into a nice extended brisket. 

When we look at the overall animal our Champion stands a little higher on his rear pastern, his hocks are a little straighter, his leg blends a little smoother.  He is a little wider and more open in the chest from the front view and wider between the hocks from the rear view.  He has a nice lean long neck. 

Today our Mini Junior Best Buck in Show will go to our Nubian.

Best Jr. Buck in Show

LuvEmAllAcres Tim McGraw
Breeder: Jerry & Carol Sardone   Owner: Jerry & Carol Sardone
Sire: Cornerstone Farm Gideon
Dam: LuvEmAllAcres Jerica

Grand Champion AOM

Grand Champion Mini LaMancha

Grand Champion Mini Nubian