MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show 
Summer 201

Best in Show - Judge Crystal Eutsler Ring #2


This is our Summer 2015 Best Junior Mini Doe in Show line up.

We start out with our AOM Grand, an Alpine type animal. She is a very dairy doe.
With clean lines and good width between the hocks. She is a nice young doe.

Then we move to our LaMancha Grand Champion. A doe that gives us a lot of strength, a lot of bone.
She is smoothly blended and has nice rear angulation when viewed from the side.

Then we get to our Nubian Grand Champion. She in her turn has a long lean neck, it blends smoothly into the shoulders.
She has nice straight legs with front toes pointing forward.

For me today, the Nubian shows me more dairy character and correctness through out.
She will be our Best Junior Mini Doe in Show!

Best Jr. Doe in Show

Cornerstone Farm Portland
Breeder: Jackie and Wayne Delgado Owner: Tisha Winnett
Sire: Echo Hills Winchester
Dam: Cornerstone Farm Glitter

Grand Champion AOM

Grand Champion Mini LaMancha

Grand Champion Mini Nubian