MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show 
Summer 201

Best in Show - Judge Crystal Eutsler Ring #2


This is our Best Sr. Mini Buck in Show.

First we have a very young Mini-Alpine buck kid.  He is a wide buck in the rear.  He is powerful and has a nice future ahead of him.

 Then we have a very strong, very powerful Mini-LaMancha buck.  Even with all this power he maintains angularity that gives him that dairy character we are looking for.  He is so very level from the hips to pins and stands on strong straight legs.

Then we have a nice Nubian buck with a nice angularity.  He is wide in the escutcheon.

Today, the Best Mini Buck in Show for the Summer V Show 2015 is the Mini-LaMancha buck. 

Best Sr. Buck in Show

Grand Champion AOM

Grand Champion Mini LaMancha

Grand Champion Mini Nubian