MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show 
Summer 201

Best in Show - Judge Crystal Eutsler Ring #2


This is our Senior Mini Doe Best in Show line up.  We have 3 very powerful does in this line up. 

First we have this very powerful but very dairy Mini-Oberhasli doe.  She is uphill and smoothly blended. 
She is angular from all views.  She stands nicely on straight legs.

Next we have a very uphill smoothly blended Mini-LaMancha doe.  She stands very strong on all 4 legs. 
She is angular in all views.  Very much like our Mini-Oberhasli.

Then we have a very strong Nubian doe.  Very powerful doe. 

We have a very close match in the Mini-Oberhasli and Mini-LaMancha.  As much as I love the Mini-Oberhasli and at first, I thought she would be my Best in Show.  However, the show must go to the LaMancha.  Her back pasterns are stronger, she is a bit stronger in the chine and a little longer and a little wider than our Mini-Oberhasli.  She will have to yield fore attachment to the Mini-Oberhasli but it is not enough to push her over the top. 

SO, the 2015 Summer V Show Senior Mini Best Doe in Show goes to the Mini-LaMancha. 


Best Doe in Show

White Rock Farm BN Erin
Breeder/Owner: Katie Wolf
Sire: White Rock Farm Banana Nut
Dam: White Rock Farm Elizabeth

Grand Champion AOM

Grand Champion Mini LaMancha

Grand Champion Mini Nubian