Miniature Dairy Goat Association

Kaylie Piver
Summer 2015 Judge


Kaylie Piver was raised on a dairy goat farm. Her mom bought her first goats to help serve as a source of milk when Kaylie and her brother were young. Those two milk goats quickly grew into Phantasma Dairy Goats, a family run farm, that initially consisted of a heard of Nubians which slowly turned into LaManchas and Nigerian Dwarfs with a small smattering of everything in between.

     Kaylie began showing at age five. She has many fond childhood memories of driving around the Pacific Northwest with her mom attending goat shows.  Kaylie's first experience with miniature dairy goats came as the result of an accident, following the escape of a Nigerian Dwarf buck.  That accident produced Kaylie's first Mini LaMancha, who would go on to become her first finished Grand Champion miniature dairy goat. This sparked a love of mini's of all breeds and Phantasma Dairy Goats quickly became Phantasma Miniature Dairy Goats.

     Raising goats was truly a labor of love, but when Kaylie was 14, it was decided that her family was ready for a break and the heard was sold. Kaylie has stayed connected to the goat world through attending local shows. She had the honor of judging at the Wine Country Classic in 2011.

~ Kaylie Piver      


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