MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show 
Summer 201


Lavinia Allen

Best Udder in Show

The Mini Nubian received Best Udder in Show.  As one of the most capacious udders in the show her pictures allowed a clear view of a strong medial
suspensory ligament with a balanced view of the udder from both the side and rear, smooth blending of the fore udder into the abdominal wall,
a natural arch-shaped escutcheon and an advantage in balance between the halves of the udder.  

Green Gables Cali Luna
Breeder/Owner: Eliya Elmquist
Sire: VMCH Green Gables SS Moonbeam *B  /  Dam: VMCH Green Gables EHJ Sapphire 3*P





3rd gen.
3rd freshening
freshened: 2/18/17


1st gen.
2nd freshening
freshened: 4/21/17


1st gen.
2nd freshening
freshened: 1/15/17


5th gen.
2nd freshening
freshened: 3/29/17