MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show  
Fall 20


Lavinia Allen

Best Sr Doe in Show

The Best In Show Udder goes to the Mini LaMancha.  She has a high wide capacious udder that is globular in shape, an arch shaped escutcheon,
good teat diameter and a good medial suspensory ligament to give that nice heart shaped udder.  


 Woodstone HK Zoe
Breeder: Gregory and Sandra Hession   /  Owner: Gregory and Sandra Hession
Sire: Woodstone BJ Hickory
Dam: Woodstone AR Zora




Alpine Champion

EX 1st gen
Freshenings: 1
Freshened: 1/31/20


Mini-LaMancha Champion

EX 2nd gen

Freshened: 4/4/2020

Freshenings: 2

Mini Nubian Champion

PB 6th gen
Freshenings: 2
Freshened: 3/7/20