MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show  
Fall 20


Lavina Allen

Mini LaMancha Sr. Buck Champion Lineup

The Mini LaMancha Senior Buck Champion is the Senior Yearling Buck. In General Appearance he has straight legs with toes pointing forward, good width between the hocks, he is long in body with high withers, nice upright smooth blending of his front end assembly and he has good width in the rump. 

The Reserve Mini LaMancha Senior Buck Champion is the Four Year Old Buck.  In General Appearance he has good width between the front legs and the hocks, good angulation of the rear legs when viewed from the side, his neck blends smoothly into his high withers, he has a moderate extension to his brisket, he has a nice wide round escutcheon area, and good width in the rump.


Grand Champion

Wings & Caprines BBL Main Man
Breeder/Owner: Carla Kirby
Sire: Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy
Dam: Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO




Reserve Champion

Enchanted Hill Little Stetson
Breeder/Owner: Ed and Joanie Kinser
Sire: Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson MCH++*S
Dam: Deseret Whirligig




Sr. Yr. buck

EX 1st gen




2 yr buck

EX 2nd gen



3 Yr buck

AM 4th gen



4 yr buck

EX 1st gen





2nd place Sr. Yr buck

EX 1st gen

2nd place 2 yr buck

EX 2nd gen

No 2nd place 3 yr buck

2nd place 4 yr buck

AM 3rd gen