MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show  
Fall 20


Lavinia Allen

Mini LaMancha Sr Doe Champion Challange Lineup

The Mini LaMancha Senior Doe Champion Challenge goes to the seven  year old Aged Doe.  
 In General Appearance she is longer in body with a smoother transition from loin to rump, this length gives her longer length from hip to pin bones with good width in the rump,
she also shows smoother blending of the neck into the withers when viewed from above.  Both aged does have beautiful udders but the seven year old doe has the advantage in the
Mammary System showing a more balanced udder when viewed from the side and rear as well as a more capacious fore udder.


Wings & Caprines MW Trouble
Breeder/Owner: Carla Josie & Family Kirby
Sire: Peach Tree Farms Will
Dam: The Silly Millie





Grand Champion

5+ Class

EX 1st gen

Freshened: 5/17/2020

Freshenings: 5
7 yrs
injury on rear left foot




6 yr doe
EX 2nd gen

Freshened 2/22/2020

Freshenings: 6