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Judging the Miniature Dairy Goat


The Miniature Dairy Goat is a blend of the standard dairy goat and the Nigerian Dwarf. Miniature goats should have qualities from both breeds. When judging a miniature dairy goat, the first consideration is dairy character. The body should be of substantial enough size to give the doe the ability to produce a maximum amount of milk from a minimum amount of feed. 

Height is important. As miniatures, these animals  must be within a limited height range:Please refer to breed standards chart for each breeds height requirement. A taller animal will be penalized if they are registered American, and disqualified if they are registered Purebred.  If in doubt, measure.

In judging the miniature dairy goat, another concern is breed character. The different breeds have distinctive characteristics that are considered in their general appearance. Each breed should conform to the appropriate breed standard.

The varied colors, markings and erect ears of the Nigerian Dwarf can often influence the look of the mini offspring. In the first and second generations, the animal may not conform to breed standard as to color or ear set. These faults to breed character should only be used to break a tie in the selection of the winner. Once the animal reaches American status, it should conform to breed standard in every way and faults are to be penalized severely. If an animal that is presented in the ring for judging has an ear or color fault, ask about its generation. If the animal is superior to the rest of the class, do not penalize it for incorrect color or ear set unless it is an American or Purebred.




Purpose of Standards

Without Breed Standards there can be no cohesiveness within a breed. When someone seeks to purchases a Mini goat, they need to have an idea of what they should look for. 

We need structure and boundaries as breeders so that when the breed is represented specific traits can be seen for that breed. The breed standards below have come from years of hard work and input from breeders who have been with the Minis since the Minis began  These are the standards for MDGA. Please remember: When the Mini breeds first began the purpose and intent was to develop a "multi-purpose" animal that blended the best traits of the Nigerian Dwarf and Standard dairy goats, to make a MID-SIZED goat that could function on the farm, homestead, milk parlor, and show ring with style, grace and good temperament.  

Without standards there will be no consistency within the breed or accountability from the breeder. Our Goal is to truly blend for a for a smaller/mid sized goat, to allow for easier management and milking, and to give more choices to goat enthusiasts. 
While we strive for breed character, it is not always achieved, and the individual breeder must decide what height, size, or breed characteristics they want to aim for as they try to achieve their ideal. An animal with any parentage of standard to Nigerian may be registered within the experimental herdbook, but only the animals with the acceptable percentages of standard to Nigerian blood, * (no animal will be entered into the American or Purebred books that has more than 70% of either standard or Nigerian blood), size, height, and breed character will be advanced to the American and Purebred books—to ensure quality, consistency, and endurance of the breed.

While many more goats are being presented for registration with percentages of standard reaching into the 90% range, this defeats the purpose of the Mini breeds. Using such a high percentage of standard genetics produces an animal that lacks influence from the Nigerian Dwarf. The same is true if a higher percentage of Nigerian genetics is represented in the animal. 

Please noteNot making breed character will not affect your ability to register animals within the experimental registry. Stating that it is discriminated against means just that: It is not considered a desirable trait of that breed, but may not affect the usefulness of the animal within a breeding program.
In American or Purebred shows, height will be a factor, and over height animals may be discriminated against for not making breed standard for the American and disqualification for the Purebred. 
For this reason, all Champion and Reserve Champion animals, as well as any animal the judge questions for sanctioning purposes, will be measured before contestants leave the ring.

These breed standards are for the ideal mini of third generation and above. 


For Maximum heights view the Breed Standard for your breed.


Please note:

Not making breed character will not affect your ability to
register animals within the experimental registry. 

Many times the first couple of generations will not conform to
 breed standards, especially with the color breeds, Mini-Oberhasli,
Mini-Saanen, and Mini-Toggenburg, or in ear set in the
Mini-LaMancha and the Mini-Nubian. 

If they do not have the correct breed character by the 3rd generation,
or if a higher generation does not conform, they can still be registered
as an experimental with an * after their registration number showing
 that they did not conform to breed standard.

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