Miniature Dairy Goat Association



1.  BREED: This is where you put the designated breed such as Alpine, Oberhasli, etc.  Below are check boxes to designate which herdbook your animal qualifies to be in. (Experimental, American, Purebred)

2. FIT BREED STANDARD:  Check this box either that it meets breed standard or does not meet standard of the breed to be registered.  Height standard will be based on parents height if registering a kid.  If the parents both meet height standard, the kid will be accepted as meeting height.  The animals must meet breed standard of color and ear type.  Any question and they do not fit standard.

3. DATE OF BIRTH: Date animal was born. 

4. SEX: M F: List sex of animal to be registered.

5. NUMBER IN BIRTH: This is needed so that there is a count for your buck memo and for an accurate count of kids from that doe and this kidding.

6. TATTOO: Ear or tail web: right: This is where your assigned unique herd identification number will be placed. Every member will be assigned a herd number that is yours and yours alone. You can request a tattoo and if they are available, they will be yours to use.

Left ear or tail web is for the kids individual number. This number can only be used once. Usually it will include the letter designating the year. Example: Y10. 

Center tail tattoos should include your unique herd numbers as well as individual animal number.

7.  NAME: This is where you name your goat. Please limit the entire name, including the herd name to 35 letters and spaces.

If you do not have a registered herd name, 'THE' along with your last name will be added in front of your selected name to designate that your herd name is unregistered. Your herd name cannot be a herd name that is already registered to someone else.

8. SIRE: Sire's full name and registration number.  If sire or dam is registered with another registry, please include a copy of their registration certificate with a 6 generation pedigree.

9: OWNER: Owner of buck at time of service. If you don't own the buck at the time of service, you will need a buck service memo.

10: DAM: Dam's full registered name and registration number.  Include a copy of her registration papers if she is registered with another registry along with a 6 generation pedigree.

11. OWNER: Owner of doe when she kidded.

12. DESCRIPTION: Description of color and markings.  If in doubt, send a picture.

13. HORNS: Circle which applies.  Polled, Disbudded, Horned

14. EARS: Circle which applies. 

a. American or Purebred, needs to follow the correct ear for that breed. Example: Nubian - pendulous, LaMancha - elf or gopher, bucks need to have gopher, or Swiss - erect.  

b. Experimental's can have airplane, 2/3 drop if they are anything put pendulous. LaMancha can have erect.

15. BREEDER: Person who owned the dam when she was bred.

16. ADDRESS: Where the registration is to be sent. Unless animal has been sold.

17. SOLD TO: If this animal is being transferred, the name of the person who bought the animal needs to be listed here along with mailing address and date sold.

If the animal was born on your farm, sign that line.  This should be the person that owns the doe.  Then fill in the address where the kid was born.

You can then print off the application and send it along with the registration fee.

Also send in a copy of your PayPal receipt if paying with PayPal as sometimes PayPal does not send us the receipt right away and thus makes processing the paperwork take longer.


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