MDGA Membership Application

Fees: $20 Single or Family ***  $10 Youth *** Herd Name $10
Lifetime memberships: $200.00

Membership runs from January 1st through December 31st. 
To be included on the website, you must have your dues in by March 1st.

   Age if youth membership:

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Farm Name

Family Memberships
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Street Address
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Herdname     Tattoo Initials

If you already have one you want (Include a one time $10 listing fee for your herdname, it will be good as long as you keep your membership current).

Breed of Goats you currently raise... 

(Example: Mini-Alpine Mini-Nubian, LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarf)

How did you find out about MDGA?:


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Print this page after filling it out
and mail it with your check to:

 Miniature Dairy Goat Association
PO Box 1534
Woodland, WA 98674