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Milk Test App Instructions

MDGA does NOT supply milk testing lab or testing supplies

Instructions: General & For Each Section:

General: Incomplete applications for other than Ht/Wt or Fresh Date will be returned to be completed fully.

1.  View Word doc file in "Print View"

  2. Form is mostly fillable tables.

 3. A few places, like the choices at top for DHIA or In-House,  will cause the line to move one character when you insert an X there in the Word doc file.

  4. You can complete form electronically & submit via email.  Or print either the doc or the pdf version to paper, and use pen and mail if you prefer. 

  5. PDF file is not fillable at this time, you'll need to print and hand write on it.

Sign & submit form by:

1.   Printing paper copy and mailing to the address listed at the bottom of the form, or

2. Printing to pdf and emailing, or scanning  and sending as a jpg image of the completed form.  If it's a photograph, resize so it's not larger than 1024.x 760.

Section Info:   Enroll & choose program:   Check one each of New or Renewal or Change, and current year DHIA or In-House program desired.  If prior year was In-House¯ then check Change if DHIA this year. 

Tester #: is the one issued by the DHIA office after passing the test..  If applicant is not a certified Tester then put None

Name and Tester # of regular Tester(s) or Group Members: Enter Self and your Tester number if you are on OS40 (Owner Sampler).  Remember that OS40 and other plans besides Standard 20 or Group, will only qualify doe(s) for Stars, not for AR (Advanced Registry) or Top Ten without Verification Test(s).  

Plan #: Enter either One-Day¯ or the name/number of the 305 day test plan you signed up for with either DHIA office or MDGA In-House testing.

Herd code: will be issued to you with your first report, after you send in your first samples, or at/after a group training session by the DHIA office.  If you already have a Herd code for ADGA or AGS does, it is wise to have a separate Herd code for your miniatures if your herd averages matter to you.

Line/Action: To add or delete a doe, or correct a doe's info, in the box right below the line number, put A for add, D=delete, C=change, and then the information in the regular fields.  Include at least the doe's call name and Reg. # if you are just updating a fresh date for example.

Registered Name: Please be sure this line matches her registration papers EXACTLY.

Barn Name: Please enter it exactly as she is listed on your DHIA reports, or how you did/will list her on the DHIA Herd Sheet, if she's just starting.

DHIA Control #: is the one you assign to each doe when you enrolled them on the DHIA Herd Sheet.

Reg.  #: Her full registration number, including the prefix

# Fresh: is the number that this freshening will be for that doe.  Example, she's kidded once before, this is, or will be, her 2nd, then put 2.

Height and Weight: Put the numbers in inches and pounds, and add an E for estimated¯ or an S for show/scale or a T for Tape Measured by owner.  
Examples: 1) 25-S¯ is 25¯H measured by scale/show.  2) 95-T¯ is 95 lbs, tape measured & weight chart used by owner
3) 24.5-E¯ is height estimated by owner.

Scale Certified: Remember that scales need to be certified each year.  Different states offices have varying amounts of grace period but you need to get them certified yearly.

Send with $...: This is the only fee MDGA will charge yearly, and is separate from per test fees that you pay to DHIA. There are no MDGA fees per test.

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