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Production Testing - 305 Day test

MDGA has two options for milk testing to prove your miniature dairy does’ milking productivity. We offer both an official DHIA milk test and our official MDGA in-house milk test; both tests are valid for evaluation for *P awards. 

Advanced Registry

The rules for the Advanced Registry are currently being updated; the updated rules will be posted when completed.

Inherited Production Stars

Does may have multiple stars. If the daughter of a *P (MDGA) doe earns a star, the daughter becomes a two-star producer (2*P); each generation in an unbroken line would add a star number. For instance, the fourth doe in the line receiving a star would be a 4*P.
1.  A doe may earn a star if she produces three daughters that earn a star (*P) award.
2.  A doe may earn a star if she produces two sons that earn plus (+B) awards.
3.  A doe may earn a star if she produces two daughters that earn star (*P) awards and one son that earns a plus (+B) award.

A buck may receive a star (ST) if:
1.  Both of his parents are star animals.
2.  Both his dam and his sire's dam have earned stars.

A buck may earn a single plus (+) if he has progeny that are ONE of the following, or a buck may earn a double plus (++) if he has progeny that are TWO of *the following:
1.   Three star daughters out of three different dams.
2.  Two sons that have earned a plus.
3.  Two star daughters from different dams and one plus son.

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MDGA 305 Day Milk Testing

The MDGA Milk Committee will be implementing the following changes, starting January 1, 2016.  The purpose of the changes is to help make the program run more smoothly and work better for everyone.

In order to participate in the MDGA Milk Program, all participating herds MUST register with the milk committee by January 15th of the year of participation.  

All test must be completed no less than 25 days apart and no more than 45.

Verification must take place between 90 and 120 days.

The first test must be done within the first 45 days of lactation.

A list of all does intended to be on test MUST be included with herd registration.  Participants may still eliminate any doe on the list at any time, but may NOT add additional ones. (With the exception of transfers from another herd on test.)

ALL does to be tested must have their first test by the time they are 45 days in milk, testing must be done at least every 45 days until dry, up to 305 days.

All test paperwork and lab sheets must be turned in a minimum of every 60 days.

Herds registered, will receive a barn sheet with all the doe information included to be used for your first test.  For any does not tested, participants will draw a line through the doe’s name and that doe will be deleted from the sheet for the next test.   Upon receipt of the first test results, a verification form with all does listed will be provided.  Again, any doe may be crossed out if she is to be dropped from the program.  

305-Day Testing Fees

1-5 goats = 20.00

6-10 goats = 24.00

11-15 goats = 28.00

16-20 goats = 32.00 

21-25 goats  = 36.00

25+ does = please request a fee schedule.  


MDGA Production Testing Rules and Regulations

General MDGA Testing Rules:

1. All MDGA members who have signed up for DHIA production testing will receive the National Improvement Program (NDHIP) - Uniform Operating Procedures along with specific information for testing with MDGA.

2. An application for production testing must be filled out entirely, except for weight, height, and freshening date. It should then be submitted, with the proper fees, to the MDGA office by January 15th.

3. Milk samples can be sent to any DHIA approved lab with instructions to send data to MDGA. 

4. No supervisor (tester) shall test any animal for MDGA that he/she or an immediate family member has owned. 

5. There will be no reciprocal testing of herds except in those herds participating in group testing.

6. Any interval between test dates of more than 45 days will make the test null and void. 

7. Lactations beginning after October 1 will be continued into the next year. At least five tests need to be completed to make the 305 day testing official.

8. Individual Certificates of Production will be issued if the owner applies for the certificates and pays the proper fees. No certificate will be issued for any doe until her record has been approved by the Production Testing Chairman.                                                      

9. Once a completed application is filed and the fees are paid, does with extended lactations will be issued Certificates of Production showing number of days in production and amounts produced.

10. Each doe must produce the required amount, or more, for her age according to the “Qualification Chart” in order to earn her *P in the 305-day test. 
To receive a *P in a one-day test, a miniature doe must achieve a score of 70 or above, and a Nigerian Dwarf doe must achieve a score of 55 or above.

11. Verification tests will be required for all “in-house” test programs and for all DHIA owner sampling. 
Verification tests will also be required for any doe that may be qualified for a Top Five Breed Leader designation.

12. If the dam of a miniature or Nigerian Dwarf is registered with a registry other MDGA, MDGA will accept the production records of the dam if the conditions below are met:

   1. Application is made by the owner to have the dam’s record from the other registry

   2. The dam is registered with MDGA, the milk test fee is paid, and the application is submitted to MDGA

   3. Official Documentation of the dam’s record is provided.

13· A miniature daughter will receive only one star for her dam once she has earned her own star. The total number of stars of a dam will be listed on the dam’s Certificate of Registration.

14. All herd owners who have registered for production testing with MDGA grant
     to MDGA the right to publish all completed lactation results. They also grant permission for these records to be used in ways that promote the miniature dairy goat breeds and MDGA.

15. If changes are deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, these rules and regulations may be changed without notice.


DHIA Testing Plans

1. DHIR-20: The supervisor/tester comes once a month to record milk weight, take samples from two consecutive milkings, fill out paperwork, and send samples to a lab. The supervisor must adhere to MDGA rules.

2. Group Test: Owners of three or more herds may test each other’s respective herds. These owners rotate which herd they will test each month. They will weigh milk, take samples on two consecutive milkings, fill out paperwork, and send samples to the lab. Each member-owner in the group must complete supervisor training before testing begins. A verification test is required between ninety and 159 days fresh.

3. DHIR-21: The supervisor collects milk weight one day, alternating the AM and PM weighing each month. DRPC will determine the other weight. A verification test is required.

4. DHIR-22: The supervisor weighs milk from both milkings on test days, and also collects samples alternating between AM-PM on alternate months. A verification test is required.

5. Owner Sample: Owner weighs and samples all milkings on test day. A verification test is required. Does tested by this method do not qualify for Top Five Awards.

MDGA does NOT supply milk testing lab or testing supplies

Please contact the MDGA Milk Committee Chair with any questions or problems.



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