Miniature Dairy Goat Association

 Virtual Show Chair: Tiffany Wilcox

Have you ever wanted to show your miniature dairy goat, but there weren't any shows close enough for you?  Or maybe you are worried about the things your goat could be exposed to at a goat show.  Well, now you can show your miniature dairy goats without leaving the comfort and safety of your farm!  

The MDGA V-Show is an additional benefit to belonging to the MDGA.  Only members of MDGA can show their MDGA registered animals.


Introducing the MDGA's Mini Dairy Goat Virtual Show!!! 

   Top ten reasons to enter your goat:

1.      Earn V-CH legs on your MDGA registered goats

2.      Get a professional opinion of your goat

3.      Show your goat without the stress of travel

4.      Keep your doe's milk production up by not upsetting her schedule

5.      Show your goat in safety, no strange water, and other animals

6.      Get publicity for your herd

7.      Learn more about conformation and Mini Dairy Goats

8.      Show bucks without the trouble of taking them off your farm

9.      Entry fees are very low, only $5 per goat!

10.    Have fun!

 So, how do you get started?  All you need is a few high quality pictures of your Mini Dairy goat.  Go to the "Entry Guidelines" page for helpful tips
 on how to enter your goat. Then you can go to the "Entry Submission" page to enter your miniature dairy goat! 

See the UPDATED V-show Guidelines on how to take pictures BEFORE entering!!

 Tiffany Wilcox will be accepting the entries and posting them to the website.  Please contact her if you have any questions.

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