Milk Test – 305 Day

305-Day Milk Test

MDGA 305 Milk Testing 2019

Fees & Forms


Fees and forms must be sent to MDGA prior to beginning testing and renewals are due by January 30 of the year you plan to test.
New herds can sign up any time of the year.

MDGA 305 Day Milk Testing fees are:

1-5 does = $20.00

6-10 does =$24.00

11-15 does= $28.00


Beyond 25 does please request a fee schedule.

Does must be tested before 45 days fresh, and must be tested no less than 25 days and no more than 45 days between tests.

All testers are required to measure those does on milk test and place measurements on the form to be turned into MDGA & your lab.

Does measurements are required in order to be eligible for a milk star Award.

award chart

Rules & Regulations

  1. Does must be tested before 45 days fresh and must be tested no less than 25 days and no more than 45 days between tests.
  2. Milk scales are required to be certified yearly.
  3. A test year is 305 days or less.
  4. Production data will be sent to MDGA at or by sending it to our main office address which can be found at the bottom of the page.
  5. All supervisors/testers will need to be certified from Langston University or a Certified Lab and provide a copy of that certification to MDGA.
  6. All does on test will need their height to be measured by your tester at least once during the testing year (you can use the verification form to record height and mail just that form in to MDGA and your lab can send regular test results as usual). If a verification test is required heights must be measured by the verification tester and recorded and that form sent to MDGA.
  7. All plans except Standard and Group require a verification test.
  8. If required, the verification test should take place when does are between 60-150 days fresh.
  9. If a verification test results deviate more than 5% from the previous month a 2nd verification test is required and is the responsibility of the owner. (No notification will be sent by MDGA)
  10. No products or devices designed to enhance production or butterfat may be used, except those that are a part of the normal daily care. (Example: adding sunflower seeds to the diet on a regular basis is normal daily care, adding a hormone before the test is not normal daily care).
  11. MDGA will recognize the Top 5 production records each year provided minimum production is met. All breeds will be combined unless there are more than 20 of a single Mini breed on test, in which case a Top 5 of that breed will also be recognized separately.
  12. An Electronic Certificate will be issued to any doe qualifying for a production award.
  13. A Production Star (*P) will be earned according to the Chart below.


milk star qualifications

Approved Testing Types

Standard Test (DHIA 20)

A certified Supervisor/tester tests herd each month, taking AM and PM weights and samples.

Group Test

Conducted like a Standard test except the Supervisors on a group of at least 3 people who alternate testing each others herd. All Supervisors/testers must be certified.

EOM/Every other Month (DHIA 21)

Owner and Supervisor/tester test and take samples on alternating months. Samples are taken as in Standard Test.


Owner and Supervisor/tester share testing and sampling, alternating AM and PM each month.

Owner Sampler

Owner weighs and samples milk each testing.Owner must be certified as a tester.