Miniature Dairy Goat Association

MDGA is a group of members that eagerly support and encourage each other to pursue developing and perfecting the miniature dairy goat breeds. 

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Registration Processing Time — 4 Weeks

This does not include the time for mail transit to or from MDGA. Please complete our research form if you haven’t received your documents within four weeks

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Navigate through our extensive member directory to connect with experienced breeders, find local herds, and engage with the miniature dairy goat community.

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Whether you prefer digital or paper, our assortment of printable and online forms simplifies your interactions with MDGA services.

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Embark on a path of knowledge with our insightful ‘How to Guides.’ From understanding breed standards to navigating registry procedures.

MDGA Statistics

as of April 30, 2024

Active Members in MDGA

Lifetime Members

Mini Nubians Registered

Mini Lamanchas Registered

Mini Guernsey

Mini Alpines Registered

Mini Oberhasli Registered

Mini Saanen/Sable Registered

Mini Toggenburg Registered

Nigerian Dwarf Registered

Your Membership Benefits Await

Registry Services

Members can avail of registry services that validate the pedigree of their herd, promoting a standard of excellence among miniature dairy goats.

Reduced Fees

Members are entitled to reduced fees for various services the MDGA provides, making it cost-effective to maintain high breeding standards.

Educational Resources

Access to educational resources, tutorials, and expert advice that equip breeders with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful breeding ventures.

Networking Opportunities

Engage in events, live shows, and virtual exhibitions to network with other breeders, share experiences, and learn from experts.

U.C. Davis Genetic Testing

Enhance your herd with U.C. Davis Genetic Testing, a key MDGA member benefit. Gain vital genetic insights to improve your miniature dairy goat breeding.

Milk Testing Programs

Participate in milk testing programs to assess and improve the dairy quality of your herd, with the potential to work towards earning the prestigious Milk Star Award​.