AOM Champion Lineup

Ring 2 - Joan McDaniels

I have decided to make the 5 years and older buck the GRCH and the Intermediate buckling the reserve. I debated about which one to place where because I really liked the little buckling. He has a beautiful straight topline with good width front and rear. He shows exceptional promise and will be a strong contender when he is grown. I did feel I had to give GRCh to the older buck because of his maturity and nice body.

Grand Champion Any Other Mini Buck

FCH Obie-1-Can-Obie

Breeder: Andrea Green     Owner: Betty McCorkle

Sire: FCH Heathero Sir Finley Buch    Dam: Heathero Lady Fiona

Reserve Champion Any Other Mini Buck

Cherry Butte Dirty Dancing

Breeder: Aaron Zisk     Owner: Angela Bugni

Sire: Odeon Naughty Boy    Dam: AJUD Chorus Line Dancer

1st place Junior Buckling

MiniMancha (3rd gen AM)

1st place Intermediate Buckling

MiniOberhasli (2nd gen EX)

1st place Senior Buckling

No Entries

1st place Yearling Buck

MiniMancha (1st gen EX)

1st place 2 yr Old Buck

No Entries

1st place 3 yr Old Buck

No Entries

1st place 4 yr Old Buck

MiniMancha (2nd gen EX )

1st place Aged Buck (5 or over)

5yr old MiniOberhasli (2nd gen EX)

2nd place animal from GCH's class (for choosing Reserve CH)

5yr old MiniMancha (3rd gen AM)