Buck Championship Lineup

Ring 2 - Joan McDaniels

My champion buck comes from the two year old class. He is entry number 2. He has a longer body with plenty of width with depth of chest and a lovely wide rear.

Grand Champion MiniNubian Buck

Green Gables USG Freedom Fighter *B

Breeder: Eliya Forster     Owner: Eliya Forster

Sire: *B Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant *V    Dam: Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley 2*P *V

Reserve Champion Mininubian buck will be given to the winner of the Yearling class. He has plenty of angularity in the rear and nice straight legs in front. His body is wide and so is his rear. He has nice high shoulders.

Reserve Champion MiniNubian Buck

Echo Hill's Rio Bravo

Breeder: Dannette Hackman    Owner: Wendy Valentine

Sire: Echo Hill's Cracker Jack    Dam:  FCH Echo Hill's Sierra Sarah

1st place Junior Buckling

2.5 mo (born 4/18/11)

(6th gen PB) (ears are pendulous, but he didn't like being held still so they look bad)

1st place Intermediate Buckling

(5th gen AM)

1st place Senior Buckling

No entries

1st place Yearling Buck

(5th gen AM)

1st place 2 yr Old Buck

(4th gen AM)

1st place 3 yr Old Buck

No entries

1st place 4 yr Old Buck

No entries

1st place Aged Buck (5 or over)

No entries

2nd place animal from GCH's class (for choosing Reserve CH)

(4th gen AM)