Mini-Nubian Jr. Doe Champion Lineup

Ring 1 - Emily Thompson

My pick for junior champion is the intermediate kid. She has an advantage over her closest competitor the junior kid in depth of body, depth of barrel and in front pasterns. She has the same advantages over the senior kid and over the junior yearling she has strong advantages in feet and legs and levelness and dairy character.

Grand Champion MiniNubian Junior Doe

Green Gables FF Amber

Breeder: Eliya Forster     Owner: Eliya Forster

Sire: Green Gables FF Freedom Fighter *B    Dam: Green Gables CB Ivory 1*P

The second place intermediate kid does not have the body capacity or strength of topline we saw in our junior champion, so I will make our first place junior kid our reserve champion as she has advantage in depth of body over the second place intermediate and an advantage in pasterns and straighter front legs than our senior yearling.

Reserve Champion MiniNubian Junior Doe

Soaring Heart's Rose Bonaparte

Breeder: Wendy Valentine     Owner: Wendy Valentine

Sire: Cornerstone Farm Napoleon    Dam: Latte Magna Parker

1st place Junior Doeling

(2nd gen EX)

1st place Intermediate Doeling

(3rd gen AM)

1st place Senior Doeling

(3rd gen AM)

1st place Junior Yearling

(2nd gen EX)

1st place Senior Yearling

(3rd gen EX)


2nd place animal from GCH's class (for choosing Reserve CH)

(5th gen AM)