Mini-LaMancha Jr. Doe Champion Lineup

Ring 2 - Joan McDaniels

Our MiniMancha Champion today is from the Senior doeling class.  She has high tight shoulders with a nice wide body and plenty of room for udder attachment and a lovely rear. Well balanced.

Grand Champion Mini-LaMancha Junior Doe

GoGo's Lil Geri

Breeder: Regina Tervo     Owner: Regina Tervo

Sire: GoGo's Little Caesar    Dam: Ear Knot Acres Shasta

The junior reserve MM comes out of the Senior doe kids class and was second place to our Jr.GCh. She is a nice baby with a very wide rear to allow for a capacious udder later in her life and good body width.

Reserve Champion MiniMancha Junior Doe

Glimmercroft Annari Faurie

Breeder: Laura Workman     Owner: Laura Workman

Sire: Sweetbrier Ridge Captain Morgan    Dam: Glimmercroft Shine

1st place Junior Doeling

No Entries

1st place Intermediate Doeling

(1st gen EX)

1st place Senior Doeling

(2nd gen EX)

1st place Junior Yearling

No Entries

1st place Senior Yearling

(2nd gen EX)

2nd place animal from GCH's class (for choosing Reserve CH)

(3rd gen AM)