Best Doe in Show

Ring 1 - Emily Thompson

Thank you for inviting me to judge your virtual show. It is a new experience for me compared to judging in person and while I really enjoy meeting the exhibitors and seeing the animals in person, I must say this is a very innovative way to do a show and much cheaper! Anyway- for our best senior doe in show I am going with the two year old Lamancha. She excels the Nubian in points for breed character, she is tighter in the toes and is more level in the rump. She excels the Alpine mini in rear pasterns and rear udder width.

Best Doe in Show

Glimmercroft Rose

Breeder: Laura Workman     Owner: Laura Workman

Sire: Sweetbrier Ridge Captain Morgan    Dam: Glimmercroft Shine

AOM Grand Champion Sr. Doe:

2nd freshening, 3 months fresh

MiniAlpine (2nd gen EX)

MiniMancha Grand Champion Sr. Doe:

1st freshening, almost 1 year fresh

(3rd gen AM)

MiniNubian Grand Champion Sr. Doe:

2nd freshening, 1 month fresh

(4th gen AM)