Best Doe in Show

Ring 1 - Emily Thompson


For my best udder of show, I will be going with the Nubian. I feel it is close between her and the LaMancha, but when viewed from the rear, the Nubian has a higher, wider and more capacious rear udder. Their fore udders and udder capacity are quite similar so for her advantage in the rear udder, the Nubian will be the best udder in show.

Best Udder in Show

Green Gables EHJ Sapphire

Breeder: Eliya Forster     Owner: Eliya Forster

Sire: *B Echo Hill's Jasper    Dam: Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley 2*P *V

AOM Best Udder:

2nd freshening, 3 months fresh

MiniAlpine (2nd gen EX)

MiniMancha Best Udder:

1st freshening, almost 1 year fresh

(3rd gen AM)

MiniNubian Best Udder:

2nd freshening, 1 month fresh

(4th gen AM)