Mini-LaMancha Sr. Doe Champion Lineup

Ring 1 - Emily Thompson

The senior Mini-LaMancha champion will be the two year old. She is most balanced doe, excelling in all areas of the scorecard. She has an advantage in dairy character over the 3 year old, in rear udder over the 4 year old, and in capacity and maturity over the yearling. She will also be the best udder of breed.

Grand Champion MiniMancha Senior Doe & Best Udder of Breed

Glimmercroft Rose

Breeder: Laura Workman     Owner: Laura Workman

Sire: Sweetbrier Ridge Captain Morgan    Dam: Glimmercroft Shine

The reserve champion is a closer placing, but I am going with the first place yearling milker. She has the advantage in pasterns over the 2nd place two year old, in dairy character, feet and legs, and udder support over the three year old and rear udder height and teat placement over the four year old.

Reserve Champion MiniMancha Senior Doe

Creamcup HC Sparrow

Breeder: Paula Terrell     Owner: Paula Terrell

Sire: The Kary Dairy Himalayan Cat    Dam: Creamcup Raven's Wing

1st place Yearling Milker

1st freshening, 2 months fresh

(1st gen EX)

1st place 2yr Old Milker

1st freshening, almost 1 year fresh

(3rd gen AM)

1st place 3yr Old Milker

2nd freshening, milking through from April 2010 - 15 months fresh

(3rd gen AM)

1st place 4yr Old Milker

4th freshening, 2 months fresh

(2nd gen EX)

1st place Aged Milker (5 or over)

No Entries

1st place Dry Doe

No Entries

2nd place animal from GCH's class (for choosing Reserve CH)