MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show 
Fall 201


Mini Nubian Sr. Does Champion Lineup

In consideration of champion nubian senior doe, there is a doe that comes to the top for me.  This doe has a long, level top line and is smoothly blended throughout.  She has the angulation and openness I am looking for.  She has a very good depth to the rear barrel for her age.  She brings the most balanced symmetrical mammary system in the line up.  A mammary system that is high and wide in the rear udder and is well supported smoothly blended into her body.  She has the advantage in extension and smoothness of blending of the fore udder.  The Grand Champion Nubian Senior doe will be our 2 year old.

For me today the doe that best fits with our Champion, has the advantage in dairy character.  She shows us a more appropriate dairy wedge when viewed from the side. 
She is longer about the neck, as well as sharper through about the withers.  This doe is more smoothly blended from her neck into her withers, while maintaining a strong top line. 
In terms of mammary system she has the advantage in width of rear udder.
The reserve champion Mini Nubian will be the 3 year old. 


Grand Champion

Koolkidz CPT Wee Brie
 Breeder/Owmer: Amy McClellan






Reserve Champion

Daystar's Easter Blossom 2*P
Breeder/Owner: Jacqui Wilcox




Yearling Milker

4th gen.
Freshened 9/6/16


2 under 3 Doe

1st gen.
Freshenings: 2

Freshened 2/16



3 under 4 Doe

6th gen.
Freshenings: 2

Freshened 3/17/16



5 + Doe
3rd gen.
Freshenings: 5
Freshened 2/18/16
single kid still nursing, udder not full

2nd place 2 under 3 yr. does
2nd gen.
Freshenings: 2

Freshened 7/16