MDGA Virtual Mini Dairy Goat Show  
Spring 20


Joseph Larson

Mini-Nubian Sr Buck Champion Lineup


Our line up for sr buck champion, we see some deep and powerful older bucks but they are starting to lose the strength of
topline and feet and legs compared to the younger bucks.  Our 2 yr old buck is very similar in style where he is so deep
 and width and powerful but not the strength of general appearance.  So looking at the yearling and the 3 yr old,
our yearling has the general appearance advantage in terms of levelness of chine, extension of brisket.  He will be sr champion. 

For Res, our second place yearling doesn’t have the depth of body we saw in our champion so now it is easy to come to our 3 yr old for res champion. 

Grand Champion

Delica's Elle Golden Boy Roy
 Breeder: Magan Menard   /   Owner: The Silliman Family
Sire: Dancing Goat Garden's Valhalla
Dam: Delica's Elle Winsome Delight



Reserve Champion

Oak Spring Meadow’s Ozzie
 Breeder: Sabrina Massie   /   Owner: Janessa L. Trafford
Sire: Stony Ridge’s Figley
Dam: Tanbrit Tiny Olivia




1st place buck




MN 2yr buck

AM 5th gen



MN 3yr buck

AM 4th gen



MN 4yr buck

AM 5th gen


MN 5yr Buck
AM 5th gen




2nd place Lineup


2nd place MN Sr. Yearling buck

AM 6th gen

2nd place MN 2yr buck

AM 3rd gen

2nd place MN 3yr buck

EX 1st gen

No 2nd place MN 4yr buck

No 2nd place
MN 5yr buck