Registration & Transfer Checklist

Registration Checklist

Due to the amount of registrations we receive, in order to get your paperwork in a timely manner we are asking that as of Jan 1, 2020 that we receive ALL pertinent information and supporting documents associated with the animal you are trying to register. Otherwise paperwork will be EXTREMELY delayed regardless of circumstance

Are you a CURRENT member and current dues paid?

Application for registration (Also serves as a Bill of sale for the TRANSFER of kids who are being sold and registered at the same time)

Bill of Sale (if not YOUR breeding)

*** NOTE: this is considered a registration + transfer

Lease Agreement (if someone else's buck came to your property for a temporary amount of time)

Copies of original certificates (if using animals recorded with other registries)

2-3 pictures (Nigerian Dwarf registrations excluded) of body (for description purposes), and face so that breed character is represented.

Registration fees AND transfer fees paid (if YOU are NOT the breeder AND/OR the animals were NOT born on your property).

Transfer Checklist

Are you a CURRENT member and current dues paid?

Original SIGNED/DATED certificate must be returned to the appropriate registrar. 

This signed certificate can also serve as a Bill of Sale

PLEASE ensure to include complete names and addresses written LEGIBLY  

Transfer fees paid


See our MDGA Forms page for print-out and online forms!

PayPal Page

All of our fees are on our PayPal page to make paying even easier!

Need help?

Your registrars and member services are here to guide you through this process!