American and Purebred Miniature Saanen & Miniature Sable

The Mini-Saanen are vigorous with rugged bones yet the does should be feminine and not coarse. Mini-Saanens are white to cream with white being preferred. Spots on the skin are not discriminated against while small spots of color in the hair are allowed but not desirable. The face is straight or slightly dished.  Roman noses are not desirable and are discriminated against.  The ears should be erect and alertly carried, preferably pointing forward.

The Mini-Sable/Saanen is a color variation of the Saanen breed. Sables can be the offspring of Sables or Saanens. Other than color, this breed is identical to the Saanen. Sables may be any color except solid pale cream or white.


Evaluation of Defects

Serious Defects

Dark cream color
Several small dark spots in hair

Maximum height: Does: 29 inches, Bucks: 31 inches


Examples of Correct Color for the Mini-Saanen: