Nigerian Dwarf

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf


The Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature dairy goat that originated in West Africa and is recognized in the United States.
Dwarves are noted for their sweet milk which is high in butterfat and protein.
They represent the smallest breed of dairy goat.

The Nigerian Dwarf should be of balanced dairy proportions retaining the strength of bone characteristic of their breed.
The face is to be straight or slightly dished.
The coat is soft, the hair is short to medium in length.
Nigerian Dwarf comes in any pattern, color or  combination. They can have brown, gold or blue eyes.
The medium length ears are erect.

MDGA WILL NOT register grade or NOA Nigerian Dwarves, or offspring of an unregistered or registered Grade Nigerian Dwarf

Maximum Height: Does: 22.5 inches, Bucks: 23.5 inches