Mini Alpine Jr. Doe Champion Lineup

Mini Alpine Jr. Doe Champion Lineup

Senior Yearling A is my Mini Alpine Junior
Champion. She excels over the other two does for her advantage
in General Appearance.
She is more level across her topline
particularly in the area of the rump over the senior doe kid and
is more smoothly blended in
the her shoulders and front end
assembly over the intermediate doe kid. 

Intermediate Kid B is my Junior Reserve
Champion- a close placing over the second place senior yearling
for having a
slight advantage in dairy character and having
a more angular bone pattern.
 She also is more level
across her rump than the first place senior doe kid.

Grand Champion

Loma Verde Holly
Breeder: Chris & Linda Sennott /Owner: Anna Wendt
Creektop 8 Seconds of Fame
Dam: Loma Verde Honey Bee

Reserve Champion

Creekside FS Jasmine
Breeder /Owner: Fred & Janae Lamb & Family
Sire: FCH
Sunspring's S Simba
Dam: Cherry Butte TM Missez


4th gen.


Sr. doeling

1st gen.


Sr. Yr. doeling

2nd gen.


2nd place Sr. Yr. doeling

3rd gen.