Transferring Already Registered Goats to MDGA


For a successful MDGA registration of a miniature dairy goat previously registered with another registry, the animal must conform to the rules for registering goats in MDGA and will be placed in the herdbook with which its pedigree conforms. Follow these guidelines to register your animals:

  1. Fill out the MDGA registration application completely.
  2. When submitting the application, enclose the required photographs.
  3. When submitting the application, include a legible copy of the certificate from any registry where the goat has already been registered.
  4. Include a six-generation pedigree for the non-MDGA animal for which the registration application is being made. Be sure to include the full name and registration number of each animal on the pedigree.
  5. Registration Age fees Do Not apply to goats already registered with another registry
  6. Remember that MDGA does NOT register bucks NOA or if they are from non-registered or crossbred does.
  7. MDGA WILL NOT register grade or NOA Nigerian Dwarves, or offspring of an unregistered or registered Grade Nigerian Dwarf

MDGA welcomes applications for registration of miniature dairy goats that are already registered with other registries. However, the person submitting the application should be aware that MDGA requirements for registration in the main herdbook or grade herdbook may differ from other organizations’ requirements. This could mean that a goat classified at a level such as “American” or “Purebred” with another organization may only be acceptable as “Experimental” based on the animal’s pedigree. This also means that some applications for registration may be turned down.

When an animal, which has already been registered, is to be transferred, the transfer portion located on the bottom of the Certificate of Registry must be completed.

Be sure that every blank is filled in and the seller has signed it. The entire Certificate of Registry must be sent to the MDGA office for recording, along with the correct fee. A new Certificate of Registry will be issued.

NOTE: If a goat is sold multiple times there is a fee for each time sold if the animal has not been officially transferred for each person sold to already.

*Based on APHIS rules, MDGA is required to have animals documented for each farm an animal has lived to the best of our ability.

*See APHIS rules quoted below.

“Registration/official tagging records to include to whom animals are purchased and sold to are required to be maintained for 5 years.

(d) Each person who buys or sells, for his or her own account or as the agent of the buyer or seller, transports, receives for transportation, offers for sale or transportation, or otherwise handles sheep or goats in interstate commerce must ensure that the animals are identified as required in this part and must keep records relating to the transfer of ownership, shipment, or handling of the sheep or goats, such as yarding receipts, sale tickets, invoices, and waybills.

Remember that MDGA does NOT register either male or female offspring of un-registered, registered NOA, or registered grade bucks

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