Miniature Dairy Goat Association

***Notice of G6S Policy Change***

Dear fellow MDGA members,

In 2017 MDGA contracted with UC Davis/VGL for DNA testing to provide our members with discounted testing services. These services include Genetic Markers, Parent verification of offspring, Casein, Scrapie, and G6S. Since the program's inception members have always had the option of their test results added to the registration certificate.

Unfortunately there has been some misinformation regarding the G6S program. MDGA does not have a G6S database. The results are put into the file of the individual goat. MDGA's database was created for the registering and recording of pedigrees and does not have the capability of adding the G6S. All results are manually added. The adding and recording of the results for offspring and generations of offspring with negative by parentage has become EXTREMELY time consuming and must be done by our registrars for each individual goat.

MDGA has made the decision to return to our original policy and intent of recording only the G6S status of the ANIMAL TESTED, with verifiable documentation. Effective May 10, 2021 MDGA will NO LONGER record Normal By Parentage.• Members are encouraged to keep their electronic file but also to print a hard copy and keep with the Certificate of Registration.

•UC Davis/VGL system is NOT connected to MDGA. These are two distinct systems. Therefore any updated information such as registered name/ number will need to be shared with the UC Davis Chair. (A copy of registration certificate, for those that have submitted samples prior to receiving registration)

•The test results must be submitted to the registrars to be added to the certificate of pedigree. This will be implied as your request.

• Other labs will be accepted for review. When using another lab keep in mind MDGA must have enough information provided for the approval of results. Registered Name, DOB, Tattoo, registration number (or a combination that defines the individual animal).

Sincerely, MDGA Board of Directors,
Erik P Brown
Mary Anne Buchanan
Sarah Donaldson
Carla Kirby
Polly Lush
Kellie Pinard
Roxanna Willoughby

Please note! Due to the number of registrations coming in, please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. However, Mini Nubian Registrations coming in at record numbers, so 6-8 weeks turn around is a possibility. Thank you.

Miniature Dairy Goat Association

is dedicated to the development and promotion of miniature dairy goat breeds.
We are a friendly group with members who are working together to promote the miniature dairy goat industry.
MDGA eagerly supports and encourages members
who are working to develop and to perfect miniature dairy goat breeds as well as members who are breeding the smallest miniature dairy goat, the Nigerian Dwarf.

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UC Davis Testing

MDGA is proud to announce we are now providing reduced fees for the following tests

  • G6S testing
  • DNA parentage
  • Casein testing
  • Scrapie testing