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Welcome to 305 Day DHIA Testing

305 testing is useful for those that would like to track a doe’s full lactation. Unlike what is usually thought, owners do not test every single day, but an average of once a month (between 15-45 days apart) for approximately 10 months. Monthly testing gives you access to SCC counts, approx milk, butterfat, protein amounts, as well as how your feed affects your milk.

Those on 305 plans that require a Verification Test will receive a pre-printed Verification Test form that will be used for your Verification Test. The Verification Test is to be performed when the majority of the herd is between 60-150 days in milk. A copy of the completed Verification Test form is to be submitted via email to the milk test email within 48 hours of the test. 

Those on 305 day test are responsible to make sure that the individual doe page is sent to MDGA within 30 days of either the does dry date or her 305 day record is met.

Send all paperwork/questions to:

305 Day Milk Test Fees

  • 1-5 does = $20.00
  • 6-10 does = $24.00
  • 11-15 does = $28.00
  • 16-20 does = $32.00
  • 21-25 does = $36.00
  • 26 – 30 does = $40.00
  • 31-35 does = $44.00
  • 36 – 40 does = $48.00
  • 41 – 55 does = $52.00


305 Testing Plans



A certified supervisor takes AM/PM weights & samples from owner’s herd each month.  

No Verification Test
Heights required


Owner Sampler

Owner weighs and samples milk each testing. Owner must be certified as a tester. 

Verification Test Required



At least 3 herds who alternate testing each herd in the group.    

No verification test
Heights required


EOM (Every Other Month)

Owner and Supervisor test and take samples/weights on alternating months. 

Verification Test Required



Owner and Supervisor share testing and sampling, alternating the AM/PM each month.

Verification Test Required

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How To Perform a 305 Day Test

**Please read the 305 Milk Test Rules packet as the website does not have 100% of the information posted.

This is a typical 305 test day outline to give an idea of what to expect on your test days. If the member is on Owner Sampler plan (OS40) then the “Supervisor” will be the Owner, except for the Verification Test. 

For how to perform a Verification Test (if needed for your plan), which is done when the majority of the herd is between 60-150 days in milk, please see the 1 Day Test page as the VT is completed the same as the 1 Day test. 

The evening before, or 12 hours before your official test start, milk out your does completely. 

The next morning, after pre-milk out (approx 12 hours), the owner and the tester will proceed to start the test. Have all paperwork, certified scale, and a flashlight or microchip reader ready. The general steps for performing your test are as follows:

  1. The supervisor verifies the tattoo/microchip for your first doe.
  2. Supervisor writes the start time of milking on the paperwork then owner milks the doe out fully.
  3. Once milked, the supervisor weighs the milk and records the weight.
  4. Supervisor will take sample from milk to fill half of the sample vial.
  5. Supervisor will label the sample vial with the index # for that doe.
  6. Repeat 1-5 for each doe on test.
  7. Supervisor writes the end time for milking on the paperwork once all does have been milked.

**If you are on Standard or Group testing for 305, you will use the Verification Test form at anytime in your lactation to have your tester record heights and send to MDGA.

Once all does have been milked out and sampled, the owner and the supervisor will check to make sure all data recorded is correct. If correct, the first half of the test has been completed. The supervisor will return in the evening approx 12 hours later.

For the evening milking, proceed with the following to finish the test:

  1. The Supervisor records the starting milking time and proceed to milk the first doe.
  2. Once milked, supervisor weighs milk and records the weight.
  3. Supervisor will take sample from milk to fill the rest of the doe’s sample vial.
  4. Repeat 1-3 for each doe on test.
  5. Write down the ending time on your paperwork once all does are milked out.

Check over all paperwork and samples, if everything is correct, the supervisor signs the paperwork and the samples are mailed to the lab with all paperwork. It is advisable to take pictures or scans of all the paperwork before mailing.

MDGA does not need copies of the member’s regular test day data. 

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