Live Show


Chair: Kerry O'Neal, Co-Chair: Sarah Donaldson

Live shows can be a wonderful way to publicize your herd and receive an unbiased evaluation of your animals. It's also a unique opportunity to visit and network with other mini dairy goat enthusiasts.

With MDGA's live show program, your animals have the opportunity to earn permanent champion titles.

To earn a championship title (FCH), your goat must earn three CH leg awards (such as GCH or Best in Show) in a minimum of three MDGA shows under at least two different judges. One leg may be a restricted leg, such as an award designated for a Jr. doe or a dry doe.

Eligibility to participate in an MDGA sanctioned Live show requires that you be a current MDGA member.

For showing purposes, all miniature dairy goat breeds are judged using the MDGA dairy goat scoring systems and standards. Any qualified dairy goat judge or otherwise-qualified person may be approved to judge an MDGA show.

Judges may use their discretion and only need to measure miniature dairy goats that appear to be near the maximum height. Goats that win a CH award or an RCH award will be measured when tattoos are checked for the sanction paperwork.

In “Experimental” shows, the miniature dairy goat breeds will be judged for conformation and udders first and breed character second. Breed character is regarded as more important when the animals are accepted into the “American” and “Purebred” herdbooks.


To fulfill the sanction requirement for an MDGA show, a minimum of eight animals, with at least two exhibitors, must participate. In both an Open Doe Show and a Sr.Doe Show, a minimum of three animals must be in milk.

In an Open Buck Show, a minimum of three animals must be over twelve months old.


A miniature dairy goat does not need to be registered with MDGA to compete in an MDGA-sanctioned “Experimental” show as long as it is registered with another official miniature dairy goat registry. However, if a non-MDGA-registered goat wins a GCH leg award in an “Experimental” show, the award will be presented to the RGCH instead if the RGCH is MDGA-registered.


A miniature dairy goat owned by an MDGA member is considered registered with MDGA and will receive an official win as long as the animal’s registration paperwork has been mailed to MDGA prior to the show date (provided that the registration information is correct and that the animal is accepted for registration).


All miniature dairy goats that are shown in an “Experimental” show, regardless of the registry, will count toward the sanction numbers. The show secretary does not need to check the registration papers before a show unless the show committee requires it. All miniature dairy goats may be shown, whether they are registered with MDGA, TMGR, or IDGR.


All miniature dairy goats in an MDGA-sanctioned “American”- only or “Purebred”- only show must be registered with MDGA.