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MDGA UC Davis Testing Policy

Effective Date 3/1/2023

Application and Payment must be received within 24 hours of each other.

Once the Testing Kit has been emailed to the member the member will have 60 days to submit sample submissions to UC Davis/VGL.

If a Sample Submission has not been received at UC Davis within 60 days from the receipt of the test kit, the test will be canceled by the Davis Testing Team and fees will be credited to your account, less processing fees.


  • If a test kit is canceled before the MDGA Davis team has sent the test kit (Sample submission forms) there is no penalty and a full refund will be given.
  • If a test kit is canceled after you have received your kit (sample submission forms) from MDGA Davis Testing there will be a processing fee applied. See the chart below.
  Test Cost Credit to
G6S $27.00 $22.00 $5.00
Casein $27.00 $22.00 $5.00
Scrapie $27.00 $22.00 $5.00
Genetic Markers $38.00 $33.00 $5.00
Parent Verification $38.00 $30.50 $7.50

Cancellation of a test once the sample submissions have been sent to Davis/VGL is not an option.

Grandfathered accounts:

  • Any kits that are outstanding must be submitted to VGL no later than 2/28/2023.
  • Kits not received by that date will be fully credited to your account. No refunds will be available for these outstanding tests.

MDGA Board Approved – Jan 2023


Send all questions to:

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From the Davis Testing Chair: Navigating Our Busy Season

MDGA Members, as we dive into the busiest time for all things goat-related, here’s an important update on genetic testing:

  • Current Wait Times: Due to high demand, testing results are averaging 4-5 weeks for G6S, Casein, and Scrapie, and 6-8 weeks for Genetic Markers and Parent Verification. Our Davis chair, Carla Kirby, can confirm the receipt of your sample at Davis/VGL.
  • No Rush Option: Please note, that Davis/VGL does not offer expedited processing. Samples are handled in the order they are received. Delaying your submissions may lead to longer wait times, especially during the kidding season.
  • Contact for Inquiries: For all questions regarding your genetic testing, reach out to Carla at
  • First-Time Users of Parent Verification: If it’s your first time, we’ll need a quick phone chat. Please provide a contact number and your availability.

Important Reminders:

  • Simultaneous Submission and Payment: Ensure that applications for submission and payments are sent together.
  • Advice from VGL:
    • In cases where additional testing is needed, samples go through the process twice.
    • High-quality samples are crucial – ensure lots of clean hairs with roots are included.
    • For Parent Verification, testing the dam can simplify the process, especially with multiple potential sires.

G6S Update:

  • Enhanced Registration Certificates: Responding to member requests, we’ve updated our database. Now, G6S- NP (Normal By Parentage) will automatically be printed on eligible registration certificates.

This comprehensive update is designed to keep you informed and help streamline your testing process during this busy season.

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