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Milk Testing Program

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Dee Daniels

Milk Test Chairperson

Dee knows first hand how hard it is to “Get Started”.  Her first year began like a lot of our members with only submitting an application.  No actual testing because it was just too overwhelming.

Now with years of milk testing under her belt, she’s in the “Chair” to help MDGA members be successful.  She’s passionate about production and the herd health benefits of being on DHI. 
It’s not all about the stars, but the bling is nice to see.”


Cassandra Baldovinos

Milk Test Coordinator

Cassandra joined the milk test team in 2022 as she has a love for the dairy side of these mini dairy goats! Ever since she started milk testing in 2019, it has quickly become a passion to breed and focus on milk production! She loves to help members get excited and involved in testing and proving their DAIRY goats and promotes milk testing as much as she can! 

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Taralee Home

Milk Test Coordinator 

Taralee is a fresh new face you’ll be seing on the milk committee in 2024!

UC Davis Genetic Testing Program


Carla Kirby

Davis Chairperson

Live Show Program

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Kerry O’Neal

Live Show Chairperson

Kerry raises Mini Nubians on her homestead in Canyon Lake, Texas.  She is a founding member of the Texas Mini Milkers, and currently serves as President. Kerry has worked in the animal health industry for almost 30 years. Her passion for MDGA Live Shows is evident in her hard work helping new shows get started nationwide.

Judges Training Program


Ed Kinser

Judges Training Chairperson

Stephanie Trout

Stephanie Trout

Judges Training Coordinator

Virtual Show Program

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Josie Kirby

Virtual Show Coordinator

Josie has raised goats since 2011. After falling in love with these wonderful creatures, she pursued the performance side of dairy goats and developed a breeding program. Having Lamanchas and Nigerian Dwarfs, it was a natural progression to have Miniature Lamanchas. They were sunk! Since joining MDGA’s Team, Josie has been the V-show Chair and has worked diligently to better the program and is excited about MDGA’s future!

Grade Book Program

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Kellie Pinard

Grade Chairperson


Erik Brown

Grade Coordinator

Artificial Insemination Program


Thanh Duong

AI Chairperson


Erik Brown

AI Coordinator

Newsletter Program

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Kendra Shatswell

Newsletter Chairperson

Kendra became a goat lady by accident – her father in law gifted her three just to eat poison ivy back in 2014. She fell head over heels for these lovable chaos creatures! She currently raise Miniature LaManchas and Kinders. Kendra is very passionate about learning and sharing goat-ish knowledge, so working on the newsletter is a wonderful opportunity.

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