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MDGA 2024 Board of Directors

MDGA is a registry that is governed by a board of directors. Changes in breed standards, scorecards, and other rules influencing the character of the miniature breeds will be placed in effect as the need arises.


Cassandra Baldovinos


Cassandra found the mini love in 2017 and has since developed a growing passion for creating her herd of Mini Nubians. She participates in milk testing as well as both live and virtual shows, however the dairy side is the biggest focus of her herd. She loves to help educate and encourage new people in what the mini dairy breeds have to offer as well as helping the mini dairy goats have their value recognized and appreciated. Serving on the BOD, she hopes to be able to contribute to bettering MDGA to be the best registry it can be. 

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Dee Daniels

Vice President

Dee has raised “just goats” off and on her whole life but in 2013 her world changed. Enter dairy goats! Specifically Mini LaMancha and more recently Mini Saanen! Since joining MDGA in 2013 she has found a whole new world of opportunities and new adventures.  She has participated in every MDGA program offered and has a passion for helping our members prove that miniature dairy goats are productive as well as pretty.  Her favorite part of owning dairy goats is sharing their awesomeness with the community. She has served MDGA, in some capacity, since 2016.  Serving has been a privilege and she is proud of the strides that MDGA has made in the past several years. Dee will continue to do her part to see that MDGA continues to move forward. 

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Taralee Home


Taralee started breeding goats in 2015, and mini Lamanchas in 2017. She has been a member of  MDGA since 2019.Breeding Nigerian dwarf, mini Lamanchas and standard Lamanchas on her 20 acre farm in northern middle TN. She has a performance herd, that includes showing, milk test and we participate in linear appraisal on the ADGA side. She loves the education part of breeding and helping new goat owners. A nurse by profession in her other life, this has helped tremendously over the years raising goats. She particularly loves breeding the minis for all the aspects of their genetics and how they can play out from one generation to the next. She is proud to be a member of the board and hope to help make the registry the best it can be, one that supports its members and continues to grow and evolve with the times. Pictured is her farm mascot and official greeter, Bitsy 2019-2024. 

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Kellie Pinard


Kellie began raising goats in 2013 and runs a dairy located in Kissimmee Florida with a herd of around 40 Miniature Nubians. She participates in milk testing and hopefully will get into showing in the future!

Serving MDGA has become a passion for Kellie. She has a degree in accounting before being a goat farmer. Serving as Treasurer and working in registrations she loves working with fellow team members and hopes she can make MDGA a more member friendly, smooth running, informative registry that holds integrity and the Miniature Dairy goats to the highest standards.


Klaudia Faught


Klaudia’s passion for mini nubains began in 2020 when she met her first doe. That doe sparked a passion for minis and she has since began to learn all she can to help develop the breed. She currently participates in milk testing and v-show but looks forward to growing her herd and her endeavors with MDGA.


Stephanie Trout

Stephanie Trout


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Jamie Butler


Jamie has been a lover of goats since the first day she brought home two unregistered, mixed breeds. The minis are her all time favorite, being such efficient little milkers and so sweet natured. She is excited to be participating in milk testing for the third year and now on the BOD with MDGA. She will do her best to contribute in whatever way is needed to further the development and awareness of these terrific animals.

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