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Production Stars & FAQs

Production Stars and How They Work

If the MDGA daughter of a star (*) doe earns a star, the daughter becomes a two-star producer (2*P); each succeeding generation in an unbroken line would add a star number. For instance, the fourth doe in the dam line receiving a star would be a 4*P.

A MDGA doe may also earn a star (*P) if she produces:

  1. Three daughters that earn a star (*P) award.
  2. Two sons that earn plus (+B) awards.
  3. Two daughters that earn star (*P) awards and one son that earns a plus (+B) award

A MDGA buck may receive a star (*B) if:

  1. Both of his parents are star animals.
  2. Both his dam and his sire’s dam have earned stars. 

A MDGA buck may earn a single plus (+B) through progeny by ONE of the following:

  1. Three *P daughters out of three different dams.
  2. Two sons that have earned a +B.
  3. Two *P daughters from different dams and one +B son.

    A MDGA buck may earn a double plus (++B) through progeny with:

    1. Three *P daughters out of three different dams.

    AND one of the following:
    2. Two sons that have earned a +B.
    3. Two *P daughters from different dams and one +B son.


Milk Award Chart

Send all paperwork/questions to:

*New Rule*

As of 2022, MDGA has allowed the inheritance of foundation animal milk stars! (those of a standard dairy breed and/or Nigerian Dwarf)

MDGA DHIA Milk Testing Program FAQs

Do stars need to be earned every year?

No, once your doe has earned a star, it will stay with her for life. ST(year) is assigned for a 1-Day earned stars and AR(year) is assigned for 305 earned stars. You may test every year if you’d like to compare and record your doe’s production.

Can I perform more than one 1 Day test?

Yes, there is no limit on how many 1 Day tests can be completed. You must however pay the 1 Day fees each time you request a permit.

On 305, do I record weights everyday?

On 305 testing, you do not weigh the milk and log the info everyday.  You only have to test your herd ONCE every 15-45 days. To qualify for a star you must have a minimum of 5 tests completed. 

Can I still test if I dam raise?

Absolutely! Many members dam raise while testing! 

Who can be my Supervisor?

Anyone can take the training to be your tester. As long as they are not related to you or have a financial interest in your herd (determined by your lab). Have a neighbor that would be willing to be a tester? A friend that lives close by? A co-worker? Another breeder? Perfect!

What is the difference between AR and ST?

AR (Advanced Registry) is used to designate a star earned by 305 testing. ST (Star) is used to designate a star earned by 1 Day testing. 

When are Top Ten Awards published?

 1 Day Top Ten Awards are posted by Feb 15th of each year. 

305 Top Ten Awards are published by October 1st of each year.

When is the deadline for signing up for milk testing?

If you are a new herd on 305 test, you may sign up at any time.

If you are a renewing herd, the deadline is January 31st of the year you are testing.

If you are 1 Day testing, you may sign up at any time as long as it’s at least 2 weeks before your test date.

What is considered a lactation year?

October 1 through September 30.  A doe freshening October 29, 2023 would be in the 2024 lactation year so the herd would be on test in 2024 as the majority of the lactation will take place in 2024. A doe freshening Septermber 2nd 2023 would still be on test for the 2023 lactation year.

When do I have to have my first test?

The first test must be performed by 90 days into the lactation. 

Do all does in my herd need to be on test?

MDGA does not have a requirement for all does in milk to be on test, however check with your lab on their rules concerning who is to be on test.

Where and when do I send my completed dry doe sheets?

Please send them to within 30 days of the dry off date.

When will I know if my doe earned her star?

Once you have sent in your completed dry doe sheets (305) or we have received the lab results (1 Day), you can expect your results from MDGA within 2 weeks.

If I am only milking once a day, do I need to do 3 milkings on the Verification test?

All verification tests require 3 supervised milkings, when completing the VT form, the supervisor would need to intial for all of the milkings, noting that one of the milkings is skipped. You would do your pre milk out, record the weight, then the supervisor would simply initial the second milk out, and then would then record the 3rd milk out weights. 

When doing group testing, how do supervisors handle testing each herd?

When performing group testing, supervisors test herds in a round robin fashion. Each test you perform will have a different tester from the group than the test before.

Does the lab send my reports to the Milk Committee?

You are responsible for making sure all paperwork is sent to the milk committee. If you are on 305, we do not need your monthly report. You will send your Verification Test and then your Doe Page (at dry off) to us only. 

If you are on 1 Day test, you will send us a copy of your completed permit only. 

Labs will send us a copy of the 1 Day or Verification test once componets have been tested. 

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