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Please note that there are important changes to the previous Grade herdbook rules that were in place. Beginning September 1, 2022 the MDGA Grade herdbook will be opened to new Grade animals and will be maintained by the following official rules.

MDGA Grade Herdbook Registration Guidelines:
MDGA may accept for registry some animals that do not qualify to be registered in the Purebred, American, or Experimental Herd-books.

Both BUCKS and DOES will be accepted into the Grade Herd-book if they meet the criteria in the matrix:

  1. The offspring is a result of the mating of a goat of unknown ancestry and is bred to a registered Purebred, American, Experimental, or Grade Miniature Dairy goat.
  2. The offspring is a result of the mating of a goat crossbreed of two or more different registered dairy breeds, bred to a registered Nigerian Dwarf or registered Purebred, American, Experimental, or Grade Miniature Dairy goat.
  3. The Miniature breed type (i.e. Mini Nubian, Mini Lamancha, Mini Alpine, Mini Guernsey, Mini Oberhasli, Mini Saanen, Mini Toggenburg) of the animal must be listed on the application.

When applying to the Grade Herdbook:

  1. Please complete the entire application form.
  2.  Attach a legible copy of the certificate of any parent registered or recorded with ADGA, AGS, TMGR, IDGR.
  3. The completed application must be accompanied by two photographs of the animal for which the application is being made. The first should be of the head, showing breed characteristics, and the second of the complete side.

Moving from the Grade Herdbook to the Experimental Herdbook
– There will no longer be generations listed on registered grade goats. All Grades will be listed as generation 0.

– All generations will remain in the Grade Herdbook until the unknown percentage is equal to or less than 10%. Once the unknown percentage is 10% or less the animal will move into the Experimental Herdbook as an F1. These goats will move into the Experimental Herdbook with all the normal rules and opportunities to continue through the main Herdbook generations.

– Both bucks and does will remain in the Grade Herdbook if bred to another registered grade of the same or other grade Miniature Dairy Goat breed. They may only move up to the Experimental Herdbook if bred to a registered Nigerian Dwarf, an ADGA/AGS registered standard breed, or registered Purebred, American or Experimental Miniature Dairy goat.

– Any goat moving into the Experimental Herd-book will show no more than 4 breeds. The main breed (i.e. Nubian, Lamancha, Alpine, Guernsey, Oberhasli, Saanen, Toggenburg) and Nigerian percentages must total 90% or more of the total breeds listed. If there are more than 4 breeds the smaller percentages will be lumped together as other.

Important Terms to know

Grade Foundation Doe:
A goat from unknown pedigree, or partially unknown. May be a recorded grade or registered Experimental with ADGA, or be an unregistered doe.

MDGA Experimental:
MDGA considers offspring of 2 registered parents, in most cases a reg. Nigerian Dwarf & a reg. standard dairy goat (ADGA – American or ADGA/AGS – Purebred) to be a 1st gen Experimental. A 2nd gen Experimental would be the offspring of a registered 1st gen Experimental crossed with a reg. 1st gen or higher Mini of the same breed.

Herdbook Changes
The Experimental, American, Purebred Herdbook WILL NOT be closing. Any Herdbook changes are to the GRADE Herdbook ONLY.

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