MDGA membership benefits include:

  • Reduced rates for animal registrations and transfers.
  • Eligibility for participation in milk testing, Live & Virtual show

Animal Registration

The first step toward creating an exceptional breed is beginning with a solid foundation.
MDGA provides you with the ability to register your miniature dairy goats and to keep track of their pedigrees.

Production Testing

MDGA has a milk testing program which will help you prove the quantity and the quality of the milk your goats are producing. A 1-Day program and a 305-Day program are available.


DNA, G6S, Casein & Scrapie testing Now offered!
You can test ANY goat you own, Standards, Nigerians, Minis, MDGA registered or not MDGA registered.

Live Shows

MDGA sanctions shows for miniature dairy goats. These shows give you the opportunity to meet other miniature dairy goat breeders and to earn recognition for your herd.

Virtual Show

MDGA has a program that allows you to “show” your goats without the stress of leaving the farm.The V-Shows entrants are placed by professional judges.


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