Understanding Breed Genetics: Calculating Miniature Goat Percentages

Nov 28, 2023 | Education

When breeding miniature goats, understanding the genetic makeup of your herd is crucial. This guide simplifies how to calculate the percentages of standard and Nigerian Dwarf genetics in the offspring of your mini goats. Let’s break it down using an example.

Step-by-Step Breakdown of Calculating Breed Percentages

Suppose you are breeding a mini buck with 75% standard and 25% Nigerian Dwarf genetics to a mini doe with 62.50% standard and 37.50% Nigerian Dwarf genetics. Here’s how you determine the genetic makeup of their offspring:

Calculating Standard Genetics Percentage:

  1. Combine the Standard Percentages: Add the standard part of the percentage from both parents. In this case, it’s 75 (from the buck) and 62.50 (from the doe), which equals 137.50.
  2. Average the Combined Percentage: Divide the combined percentage by 2 to find the average. Thus, 137.50 divided by 2 equals 68.75. This figure represents the percentage of standard genetics in the offspring.

Calculating Nigerian Dwarf Genetics Percentage:

  1. Subtract from 100%: To find the Nigerian Dwarf genetics percentage, subtract the standard percentage you just calculated (68.75) from 100. This gives -31.25. However, since we can’t have negative percentages in genetics, we interpret this as 31.25%.
  2. Resulting Genetic Makeup: The offspring will have 68.75% standard genetics and 31.25% Nigerian Dwarf genetics.

Pattern to Follow for Your Own Calculations:

Let’s reiterate the process using our example:

  • Sire’s Standard Percentage: 75
  • Dam’s Standard Percentage: 62.50

Combine these (75 + 62.50 = 137.50), then divide by 2 to get the offspring’s standard genetics percentage (137.50 ÷ 2 = 68.75).

Subtract this figure from 100 to find the Nigerian Dwarf percentage (100 – 68.75 = 31.25).

Thus, the final genetic makeup of the offspring is 68.75% standard / 31.25% Nigerian Dwarf.

In Summary:

Understanding the genetic makeup of your goats is key to maintaining breed standards and making informed breeding decisions. This calculation method helps you accurately determine the blend of standard and Nigerian Dwarf genetics in your mini goats, ensuring a clear understanding of your herd’s genetic lineage.