About the Registry

The Miniature Dairy Goat Association was established in 1996 to recognize and provide registry services for breeders who have been raising miniature dairy goats produced by crossing purebred standard dairy goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats. The progeny of the first generation, as well as their descendants, have demonstrated consistency of size, type and dairy conformation. This uniformity and the belief that mid-sized dairy goats represent a needed resource in the goat industry have formed the foundation of the miniature dairy goat breeds and the Miniature Dairy Goat Association.

MDGA is a registry that is governed by a board of directors. Changes in breed standards, scorecards, and other rules influencing the character of the miniature breeds will be placed in effect as the need arises.

Membership in MDGA entitles each member to reduced fees; as well as, a listing in the MDGA Membership Directory listing on the MDGA website. This list will be updated regularly. Members may advertise with a business card ad in the MDGA newsletters, and/or by posting it in the Membership Directory on the website.

Another service provided by MDGA is an Advanced Registry for goats who meet the minimum standards on Production Tests. DHIA and In-House testing programs are available with both 305-day and one-day testing options offered.

Qualified breeders, ADGA-licensed judges, and AGS-licensed judges are allowed to judge official MDGA shows.

MDGA has a Virtual Goat Show program that can be valuable to members who are unable to attend live shows, as well as those who can.

The books are open for any buck collected to be used in Artificial Insemination. Any miniature dairy buck collected should be registered with MDGA before his kids can be registered with MDGA.

MDGA represents a friendly, dedicated group of breeders who appreciate the need for miniature dairy goat breeds. Our pledge to members is to maintain an efficient, responsive registry service.