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Experimental Herdbook 

“Experimentals” are miniature dairy goats that are usually first- or second- generation miniature dairy goats (F1 and F2).

These individuals do not have to meet the breed standards of their chosen breed.

Any third-generation or higher miniature dairy goat that does not meet the standards for the specific breed will also be registered as an

“Experimental” with a * after the registration number indicating it does not conform.


Important Terms to know

Grade Foundation Doe:
A goat from unknown pedigree, or partially unknown. May be a recorded grade or registered Experimental with ADGA, or be an unregistered doe.

MDGA Experimental:
MDGA considers offspring of 2 registered parents, in most cases a reg. Nigerian Dwarf & a reg. standard dairy goat (ADGA – American or ADGA/AGS – Purebred) to be a 1st gen Experimental. A 2nd gen Experimental would be the offspring of a registered 1st gen Experimental crossed with a reg. 1st gen or higher Mini of the same breed.

Herdbook Changes
The Experimental, American, Purebred Herdbook WILL NOT be closing. Any Herdbook changes are to the GRADE Herdbook ONLY.

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