Milk Testing

Milk Testing

MDGA Milk Testing

We would like to welcome you to MDGA milk testing 2023!
Regardless if this is your first or you are an old pro, we are here to help you as much as possible.

Please be cautious! Be sure that ALL MDGA rules are followed. Different registries and/or associations may have different requirements. Contact the Milk Test Chair for additional questions. 


Getting Started


  • Decide the type of testing you would like to do, 1-Day or 305 Day. Both are eligible to receive a *P designation upon meeting MDGA's requirements. Once the requirements are met a designation of ST for 1-day or AR for 305 day type test will show on the animal's registration papers. (Owner would need to request a revised registration certificate and pay appropriate fees to receive the updated certificate)
    • 1-Day is a type of testing that can be done just once a year or as many times as the owner chooses.
      NOTE: Each time you test requires fees and application to be submitted to be eligible for *P award. (see 1-Day Rules)  A Permit will be given after application is received for the test day data to be entered and sent to MDGA and the lab of your choosing.
    • 305 Day is another type of testing that is done on a schedule of approximately once a month throughout the does lactation with at least 5 tests done to be eligible for MDGA award. (see 305 Day Rules as there are different plans and some require a Verification Test be done)
  • Choose a lab - Contact a DHIA processing center or other lab you would like to use and find out what their requirements are. Ask to sign up so they will send information and/or testing supplies, which is usually their paperwork, shipping container, and schedule of fees.
  • ALL TESTERS MUST be certified as required by your lab, usually yearly. This process takes time and can be done through the lab of your choosing. Every other year re-certification will be accepted by MDGA if that is what your lab allows.
  • To be eligible for *P awards both types of testing will require a tester at some point, this can be a neighbor or a friend who has no financial interest as defined by your lab. NOTE: Owner Sampler's need to be certified testers and have a tester for Verification tests. All testers are required to measure those does on milk test and place measurements on the form to be turned in to MDGA & your lab. Doe measurements are required in order to be eligible for a milk star Award.
  • Milk Scales MUST be calibrated EVERY year, or as required by your lab. So, check the date on your scale now and make plans to have it certified. If you are buying a brand-new scale be sure it is dairy ready, which means it measures in .0 (tenths) of a pound not ounces. A new scale MUST be certified as well, unless purchased from your lab or from your lab's approved list of scales.
  • Fill out MDGA forms and pay the appropriate fees
  • Be sure to send copies of tester certificates and scale calibration to the Milk Testing committee



Supplies Needed on Test Day

  • A Milk Bucket that can be weighed
  • A Sample dipper
  • A certified scale that weighs in .0 (tenths) of a pound
  • A measuring stick/device to measure the goat's height
  • Pen to enter data on all forms
  • A way to make copies just in case something gets lost (photos or a scan)



**Please read your Milk Test Packet as the website does not have 100% of information posted.

This process actually takes 2 days as a milk out need to be done 12 hours prior to the official milking &  taking samples to be sure to get about a 12 hour fill on your does between each milking.  So actually you and/or your tester will be doing 3 milkings of which  samples will be taken during the 2nd and 3rd milkings.  When all the does have been milked and the samples have been placed into their individual sample tubes the tester will then sign all paperwork to be put in the shipping container along with any other paperwork as required by the lab. 

If this is a 1-day or Verification Test, copies should be made prior to shipping and sent in to MDGA within 48 hours of test.  Then all paperwork should be placed in the shipping container and sealed and mailed to the lab, by the tester. 

The lab will then test the milk and send test day results to the herd owner and MDGA only if requested by the herd owner . 

It is the responsibility of the herd owner to make sure that Test Day data (those doing 1-Day or VT) along with Lab results be sent to MDGA.  Those on 305 day test are responsible to make sure that the individual doe page is sent to MDGA within 30 days of either the does dry date or her 305 day record is met.


All paperwork should be sent to: