The Mini-Alpine is an alert, gracefully hardy, animal that adapts and thrives in any climate while maintaining good health and excellent production.  The straight or slightly dished face and fine, narrow, erect ears gives it a clean appearance.  The various colors are given French name but color patterns are fine to use. Alpines with Toggenburg color AND white markings or all white are discriminated against in the show ring, but are registerable as Experimental with MDGA.

Maximum height: Does: 29 inches, Bucks: 31 inches

Cou Blanc: White neck and front quarters and black hindquarters. They may have black or gray facial stripes.

Cou Clair: Clear neck or tan or gray with black hindquarters.

Cou Noir: Black neck and white hindquarters.

Sungau: Black with white markings such as underbody, legs and facial stripes.

Pied: Spotted or Mottled.

Chamoisee (or Chamoise for bucks) Any shade or mixture of brown, characteristic markings are a black stripe along the back, black markings on legs, black underbelly and black facial stripes.

Two-Tone Chamoisee: two tone brown usually with the front quarter lighter.

Broken: Any color pattern that is broken with white

Belted: Any color pattern that has a white belt.



(sundgow) - black with white markings such as underbody, facial stripes, etc.

Two-Tone Chamoisee

light front quarters with brown or gray hindquarters.


(shamwahzay) - brown or bay characteristic markings are black face, dorsal stripe, feet and legs. Spelling for male is chamoise

Cou Blanc

(coo blanc) - literally "white neck" white front quarters and black hindquarters with black or gray markings on the head.

Cou Clair

(coo clair) - literally "clear neck" front quarters are tan, saffron, off-white, or shading to gray with black hindquarters.

Cou Noir

(coo nwah) - literally "black neck" black front quarters and white hindquarters.  Very rare in the USA.


brown with lavender cast.  Can be solid, two tone, belted, broken or with light points.

Markings on Mini-Alpines

Belted - Any of the above color descriptions with a white belt that extends around the body.

*Belted two-tone Chamoisee Mini-Alpine photos courtesy of MilkMaidRanch

Markings on Mini-Alpines

Whenever one of the patterns is broken with white should be described as a broken pattern such the Mini-Alpines shown here.