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Mini Toggenburg Breed Standard


The Mini-Toggenburg is known for it’s productivity and calm nature. It’s color is solid and varies from light fawn to dark chocolate with distinctive white markings. There are no preferences on color shades. The distinctive white markings are; white trimmed ears with a dark area in the center; two white stripes down the face from above each eye to the muzzle; hind legs white from the hock to the hooves’ forelegs white from the knees down with dark vertical stripes below the knee being acceptable; a white triangle on each side of the tail; white spot may be present at the root of the wattles or that area if no wattles are present. Varying degrees of cream markings instead of pure white are acceptable, but not desirable. The hair may be short or long but always soft and fine.

The face is straight or dished with dish being preferred. The ears should be erect, small and facing forward.

***BOTH Generation AND Breed Standard MUST be met to enter each herdbook**

Generation F1 + F3 + F6 +
Percentage Any Less than 70% or more than 30% of either parent breed. Less than 70% or more than 30% of either parent breed.
Breed Character Any Erect ears
Straight or Dish nose
Erect ears
Straight or Dish nose
Height Any Max: Does 25” / Bucks 27” Max: Does 25” / Bucks 27”



Animals will be disqualified from American or Purebred herdbook and placed into the Experimental or American herdbook despite generation if they have any of the following:

  • Animal is over 70% or under 30% of either parent breed
  • Tricolor or Piebald
  • Black bucks or white stomach on bucks
  • Large white spot (1” in any direction) on bucks
  • Ears that are anything other than erect or noses that are convex
  • Any animal that is overheight

**NOTE ON HEIGHTS: Currently MDGA does not require heights to be recorded with the registry except in the instance of milk testing and live shows. Final height is not achieved until maturity (3-4 years old).  It is the breeder’s responsibility to ensure their animals are within proper heights, and to submit them to the registry to have herdbooks changed when it is known they are over height.

If an animal is demoted to Experimental or American due to not meeting the breed standard, they will receive an asterisk, *  at the end of their registration number. If the demoted animal’s offspring meets generation AND breed standard, the offspring will then be placed in the proper herdbook. If the offspring does not meet the standard and/or generation, then they will be put into the herdbook that they meet requirements. 

Examples of Correct Breed Character

togg  tpggemburg2

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