Transferring a Goat in/to MDGA

Transfer ownership of an MDGA registered goat, as well as a goat needing to be registered/transferred:

  1. Present a fully completed MDGA application for registration signed by breeder. (including sold to & date sold info). Application must include the sale/transfer information including the sale date and be accompanied by copies of sire & dam certificates of registration if required and both registration and transfer fees.
  2. Present an original MDGA certificate of registration with the sale/transfer information filled out completely, (this includes sold to & date of sale information) and signed by the owner listed on the certificate. If the certificate is blank or does not have the sellers/owner’s signature, the certificate must be accompanied by a signed bill of sale with goat’s name(s) & or registration numbers to indicate the goat(s) being sold. Bill of Sale and/or Signed Certificate must be accompanied by required transfer fee(s).
  3. In the case of a lost, stolen, or destroyed certificate, a bill of sale may be presented that includes the name of the buyer, the MDGA recorded name of the goat, if at all possible the registration number, the date of sale and the signature of the owner MDGA data shows. All information will then be verified by the owner MDGA has listed in the database. The bill of sale must be accompanied by required transfer & duplicate certificate fee(s).
  4. If a goat is sold with a bill of sale, but not with it’s registration papers for whatever reason seller choses, the bill of sale MUST state “sold without papers” so MDGA is aware of the sellers wishes for said goat(s).
  5. Should a goat be sold and not transferred before sold again, there will need to be a completed certificate of registration/bill of sale with completed sold to section for the first sale, then a complete bill of sale for each additional sale for each person the goat was sold to after that.
  6. The registrar may verify any or all documents as they see the need. The transfers must be accompanied by the required transfer fee for each sale. Should a dispute arise concerning any MDGA registered goat due to but not limited to the following; death, divorce, separation, board or transporter lien, an official court document stating the registered or unregistered ownership of the animal will be required, along with all required transfer fees.