Transferring a Goat in/to MDGA

How to Transfer ownership of an MDGA registered goat:

It’s simple! If the goat is already registered with MDGA, just complete the sold/transfer information at the bottom of the certificate. Be sure to include the date of sale and the new owner’s address. Send the completed certificate to MDGA’s mailing address with the appropriate transfer fee.

Please note: Transfers are required anytime a goat changes ownership, whether the goat is already registered or if the goat is being submitted for registration for the first time. If the current owner of the goat is not the breeder, then a transfer has occurred, and a transfer fee is required. Make copies of all documents for your records prior to mailing.

Transfer Q & A

Q: Can I transfer my goat online, if my goat is already registered with MDGA?
A: No, MDGA must receive the original certificate to transfer ownership.

Q: When are transfers needed?
A: Transfers are only needed when the goat is changing ownership. If you are registering a goat that was born on your property and plan to retain that kid, a transfer is not needed.

Q: I bought a goat that was never transferred into the previous owner’s name, what do I do?
A: Be sure a bill of sale is completed for all sales and send along with the original certificate and send the appropriate fee(s).

Q: Can I transfer ownership during the initial registration?
A: Yes, just complete the “transfer” section on either the paper or online registration form.

Q: Do I have to pay a transfer fee if I am registering the goat for the first time?
A: If you are transferring ownership of the goat, then a transfer fee must be paid even if you are registering the goat for the first time.