Online Forms

Replacement Certificate Request

To order replacement MDGA registration certificates. Do not use for transfers!

Extended Pedigree Order Form

To order and extended pedigree on a goat you own

Deceased Goat Record Change Form

This form is used to notify MDGA registration of registered goats that have died or been culled.


When registering goats, there may be some extra paperwork needed to process your goats registration. If you have sold/bought a goat, rented or did a "drive-way" breeding using another breeder's buck, check out the downloads listed below.

Fee Sheet

Mailing in your registrations or transfers and need to know what the total is?
Use the Fee Sheet to aid you in adding up your total!

Registration Application

Need to mail in your registration(s)? Print this registration form out.

Bill of Sale

When you purchase an animal you will need to send us the bill of sale or submit it when you fill out our online form. If the goat being purchased is already registered, if the owner has signed and dated the registration certificate, you do not need to supply a bill of sale.

Lease Agreement

Leasing a goat? Make sure you send one of these on to the registrar to be able to register any kids born while you are leasing!

Using someone else's buck?

If you did not own the sire of the mini goat that you are registering at the time of service, you must include a Service Memo with the goat's application signed by the owner of the sire used.

Artificial Insemination?

When a registration application is submitted for progeny resulting from the use of Artificial Insemination, the completed registration application MUST be accompanied by a completed Artificial Insemination Service Memo.

Semen Collection?

MDGA or TMGR-registered sires of offspring resulting from the use of frozen semen in breeding must have collection reports on file with MDGA prior to submission of the offsprings’ registration applications to MDGA.


Not a Member Yet?

Need to register/transfer goats but not yet an MDGA member?
You can mail in a membership application along with your paperwork!
Just print out this form and fill in the needed information and add the membership fee to your total.