MDGA’s Grade Herdbook



Grade Rule Changes
The following is an important change to the previous policy
regarding accepting new grade does to the registry:
From January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 the
descendants of all standard grade does new to the MDGA grade herdbook will no longer be able to grade up to attain Purebred status; grading up will stop at American status.
Offspring of grade does, from MDGA registrations on file prior
to January 1, 2020, will be exempted from the “American status only” and will be eligible to grade up, provided that there is an unbroken line of registered animals in good standing with MDGA. At the end of the day December 31, 2020, the Registry will close the book to accepting new grade
standard or grade mini does; no further grade animals will be entered into the registry at that point. Existing grades will be held to the official rules under which they were registered.

Important Terms to know

Grade Foundation Doe:
A goat from unknown pedigree, or partially unknown. May be a recorded grade or registered Experimental with ADGA, or be an unregistered doe.

MDGA Experimental:
MDGA considers offspring of 2 registered parents, in most cases a reg. Nigerian Dwarf & a reg. standard dairy goat (ADGA - American or ADGA/AGS - Purebred) to be a 1st gen Experimental. A 2nd gen Experimental would be the offspring of a registered 1st gen Experimental crossed with a reg. 1st gen or higher Mini of the same breed.

MDGA Grade Herdbook Registration Guidelines

In the “Grade” herdbook, MDGA may consider for registry FEMALE animals that do not qualify to be registered in the “Experimental,” “American,” or “Purebred” herdbooks. MDGA does NOT register Grade Nigerians or offspring of Grade Nigerians.
The sire of any doe/doeling being presented for registration must be a registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf buck OR a registered miniature dairy goat buck of the same breed as the dam of the doe/doeling being considered for registration. NOA or Grade standard, mini and Nigerian sires are not allowed.

If applying for an animal’s registration in the “Grade” herdbook, follow these guidelines:

  1. Fill out the registration application completely.
  2. Attach a legible copy of the registration certificate of any parent registered or recorded with ADGA, AGS, TMGR, IDGR.
  3. The completed application must be accompanied by two photographs of the animal for which the application is being made. The first should be of the head, showing breed characteristics, and the second should be a complete side view.
  4. NO Grade or NOA BUCKS will be allowed in the “Grade” herdbook.
  5. NO Doe/Doeling of un-registered, registered grade, registered NOA bucks or Nigerians will be allowed in the MDGA “Grade” herdbook.
  6. Does ONLY will be accepted into the MDGA “Grade” herdbook if:
  • the doe is a result of the mating of a doe of unknown ancestry TO a registered Nigerian Dwarf or a registered miniature dairy goat buck. The breed of the animal must be listed on the application, and only that breed listed may be used for recording any future offspring of the dam of the animal being registered.
    In the 4th-generation, male and female progeny from this original unregistered doe would qualify for the “Experimental” herdbook, if and only if the UNKNOWN/3RD BREED has been bred completely out. If not the progeny will remain in the Grade herdbook until that unknown/3rd breed percentage is bred out, no matter what the generation.

Male progeny will not be registerable until the UNKNOWN/3rd breed has been bred out completely.

  • The doe is the result of the mating of a doe that is a crossbreed of two different registered standard dairy breeds bred TO a registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf or a registered miniature dairy goat buck belonging to one of the two breeds of the doe. The second and third generation female kids would also be recorded in the “Grade” Herdbook.
    The fourth generation male and female kids are eligible to move to the “Experimental” Herdbook, if and only if the 3RD BREED percentage has been reduced to 0.05% or less. If not the progeny will remain in the Grade herdbook until that 3rd breed percentage has reached 0.05% or less, no matter what the generation.

When it has a 0.05% for the unknown the male and female offspring will be registerable as a first
generation miniature dairy goat with all the normal rules and opportunities to continue through the main herdbook generations.

Herdbook Changes

The Experimental, American, Purebred Herdbook WILL NOT be closing. Any Herdbook changes are to the GRADE Herdbook ONLY.